Friday, October 1, 2010

Links to SOLM mp3 Audio Files! (See Right Panel)

Missouri Conference School of Lay Ministry, "Transforming Congregations through Spiritual Formation in the Wesleyan Tradition," led by Rev. Tom Albin, Dean of the Upper Room was a (let's use the work again) a transforming experience. Awesome really. We were fortunate enough to video the event and have a four DVD set available for $25.00. Drop me a line at

What a great way for you and your church leadership groups to review, renew and launch transforming ministries for your congregations! Some just don't have time to spend eight hours in from of the TV, but would have time in their cars or on the jogging paths or sidewalks while walking their canine friends.

You're in luck! The sessions are now available for download and use on your iPod or mp3 player or you may burn a CD to use in your car. Take a look in the right hand panel of this blog. The files are available for immediate download. They are large files so be patient. If you are on dialup, or just need a more convenient way, drop me a note and I'll send you a CD.

Audio and Video are different experiences. You'll learn something different in each format. If you have formed a team at your church, here's my recommendation: Then during the week, listen to the audio session. Send emails to each other with the ideas that God has placed on your mind.

And may you be blessed!